How I create value for your business:

I come up with creative solutions to decrease your operating costs by implementing smart digital solutions.

I will increase your sales, leveraging internet hi-tech.

I generate leads for you to turn into happy customers.

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Tim Steckel

Tim Steckel, Entrepreneur

How can you benefit from my marketing expertise?

Get in contact with me today and schedule an appointment with me.

What is your process to create a website?

I want to learn about your business and the way you operate it. It might take one or more conversations in order to discover your true needs. You will get to know me during that process and find out for yourself whether I am the right fit for you.

What’s in my marketing stack?

Website building with a strong focus on landing pages and social media integration.

Compelling copy writing that supports your message and guides the user towards a certain call to action.

Integrating Online Marketing efforts with all marketing activities of your company in order to maximize your outcome.

Big Corporations are growing their online marketing budget each year. Google it if you like. And then start investing yourself.

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Who are my clients and what can I do for them?

I specialize in small businesses, public institutions and public figures as I work on eye to eye level with my clients. Let’s accelerate your business with a powerful website and keep your followers up to date!

I consult you on your ONLINE STRATEGY, plan and create your WEBSITE, conduct STAFF TRAININGS and STRATEGY WORKSHOPS, am knowledgeable in SOCIAL MEDIA and provide you with Feedback.

I am lunging with animalistic instinct at your task and break it down. Because how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016 Tim Steckel Blog 265
New online services appear like mushrooms after the September rain. And they both pose the same questions: which ones should I pick? To give you something to think about, check out my list of the three most useful website tools that I have used in 2016. With each one of these tools, you can make your website a lot more powerful, just by plugging it in. The implementation for any of these tools is pretty straight forward. However, you need access to your website. With most content management systems like wordpress, joomla or self-service websites such as wix, you just have to find the right place to save a piece of code.
Tuesday, November 01, 2016 Tim Steckel Blog 785
I have been online for a while now. More than half of my life. And I registered my first domain in 2004. I dare you to use the wayback-machine to see what it looked like . My first provider was a friend’s uncle, who had somebody run a server for him, that powered his ecommerce business. His business did not only connect me with html, css, cms, php, osCommerce and so on – it gave me access to web servers. That does not seem to be a big deal now. But it was back than. Considering I a was a minor and could not just open an account with a hosting company. Owning webspace back then was not that common, to put it modestly.

Local Online Marketing in Northeast Ohio

Locations in the Cleveland Area, that I do day to day on site consulting:
  • Shaker Heights, Ohio
  • Gates Mills, Ohio
  • Chagrin Falls, Ohio
  • Beachwood, Ohio
  • Cleveland Heights, Ohio
  • Kent, Ohio
  • Akron, Ohio
All other Locations can be served online or will require travel arrangements.