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My name is Tim Steckel and you can hire us as your digital marketing agency.

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We advocate for integrated online marketing and embed your website into a larger strategy.

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We plan, design and build Wordpress & Joomla based websites.
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“Tim took the time to understand the details of our company. He stands by his word and is a hard working professional.” Clint Papesch, CEO Autoline Group

Latest Projects

Cleveland Kraut

Cleveland Kraut are talented cultivators of raw and probiotic Sauerkraut made in Cleveland, Ohio

  • Maintenance of wordpress and e-commerce plugins.
  • Template and layout modifications.
  • Wordpress and woocommerce updates

 By the way, their Sauerkraut tastes awesome!

Probiotic raw sauerkraut


TenantMagic offers the best on-demand tenant background check and screening service

  • Relaunch of a responsive website.
  • Joomla template modifications.
  • SEO and keyword analysis.
  • Backlink building.


Tenant Screening and Background Checks for Landlords and Property Managers

Our Mission

Marketing your products and services with commitment and goal-orientation.

Lion Tiger Jaguar is your partner for:

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Connecting you with your customers through smart and profitable ways

Our clients hire us for unique:

  • Copywriting
  • Websites
  • Photography
  • Content conception
  • Landingpages

Lion Tiger Jaguar is a freelance based marketing agency located in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. My clients enjoy individual services that fit in their overall marketing efforts because integrated marketing is what Lion Tiger Jaguar stands for.

All content is created with the many possible outlets and channels in mind that have to be addressed in order to increase sales with your digital marketing. This means we create versatile content that can be tailored to all of your channels. We emphasize long-term efforts for your owned space and connecting with borrowed and paid spaces.

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Personalized content converts better

Have you ever had the feeling that an article was speaking directly to you and to nobody else? This may have occurred because the content you read was personalized for you. This article outlines what kind of personalized content is available, how you can deliver it to your customers and why you should do it. It is a little bit heavy on the technical side but I believe even if you are the non-technical marketer you can greatly benefit from learning about these techniques. Content marketing targets specific personas and personalization takes the approach one step further.

What's hapening with digital marketing in January 2018?

Once upon a time, when connecting to the Internet still required a squeaking dial-up modem and people read the news once a day in the paper, patience was already a virtue. Now, your “news”-feed is flooded with more content every day. “Breaking News” happens every hour and our emotions are played like a fiddle by a plethora of triggers. It didn’t take long for scientists to be able to record the dopamine release, a drug-like effect for each like that we receive.

Kids’ Book Bank wins new website – Lion Tiger Jaguar donates project

Last year’s website give-a-way is over and I would like to thank all participants. The winner is a local Cleveland organization with a great mission: Giving access to books and fostering early reading experiences.

Lion Tiger Jaguar’s community give back

I use the holidays to reflect on the past year, to give back and to do good. This season, I am donating an entire website project to a local Cleveland charitable organization.

How to fix your TinyMce Editor in Joomla after updating to 3.7 or above

The joomla developer community has released a better version of joomla and improved the integration of the TinyMce Editor; Joomla’s most used editor. Great new features! But I have encountered issues with the editor after updating to Joomla 3.7 or 3.8 because the improved editor is default for all versions above Joomla 3.7. Because the issue I have found is rather a feature than a bug it might not get fixed with another update but in the meantime here is how you take care of it: In a previous version, you could allow certain types of code, such as iframes, script or apples via the plugin settings. However, with the new version, the plugin would not save the empty field when I tried to remove the restriction like I was used to.

Woocommerce extension compatibility issue discovered

Conflict between " mix and match products " and " min max quantities " Today, I discovered a conflicting setting that occurred in a wordpress 4.8.3 based woocommerce store. I am reporting this issue in case you run into the same problem.