"I focus all of my services at Lion Tiger Jaguar on integrating your marketing efforts."

Tim Steckel, CEO

Tim is a German online marketing consultant, based in Cleveland Heights. Hard working since the age of 13 and a self-employed business owner since the age of 17. From the time of squeaking modems, he has been involved in online projects. Recipient of a degree in Event Management for his apprenticeship with the European market leader of trade show detailing, Olymp. He earned his Bachelor in Business Administration/Service Management, majoring in Financial Risk Management. Tim moved to the United States to be with his wife. If you want to make small talk, ask him about chickens or why you should integrate your marketing efforts.

After an initial project, my clients trust me with a monthly marketing budget to:

  • maintain and update a responsive website
  • drive traffic
  • create awesome content like blog articles, newsletter and landingpages that convert
  • integrate your online and offline marketing efforts
  • give constructive, independent and critical feedback
  • be creative and generate ideas
  • grow sales

Connect yourself with me on linkedin, use my contact form to schedule a confidential consultation or give me a call: 216.536.4296. I am an active networker and like to meet new people for coffee. To learn more about my work, please read my blog.