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Many people start their day with a coffee. Are you buying yours at a local coffee shop or at Starbucks? When I make coffee at home, I use an Italian stove top coffee maker, what do you prefer? A French press?

I am not trying to convince you to stop drinking coffee. After all, it is still a great beverage. This article is just a quick report of how I grow herbs in my garden and have fresh tea for most of the year. If you were to follow my routine, you get up in the morning, go outside to cut the herbs from your balcony or garden and in the meantime water is already beginning to boil in your kettle. By the time you return inside, you had some fresh air and after a quick rinse your herbs are ready to steep. While they steep, you can prepare the rest of your breakfast and are all set for a great beginning to your day. Both coffee and fresh herbal tea have an intense smell. The tea aroma will fill your house with a pleasant non-toxic and non-artificial fragrance.  

It is the end of February and most CSA's will start in a couple months. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it connects growers of produce and animal farmers with local consumers. You sign up by choosing a “share” which could be one box of produce or a bag with herbs and vegetables. Some CSA’s raise animals and will include chicken, pork or beef meat in your share. Most CSA’s offer a variety of choices to accommodate everything from a single household to a large family. Once a week, you will either get a delivery or pick up your share of fresh and local food.

As an online marketer and consultant of small businesses, I am always thinking ahead: "How can I improve an idea or broaden the reach with a little twist?"

How is it possible?

The Ice Cream Truck Noise is horrible.

Ring a bell, here comes the ice cream truck.

I like to work outside in my garden, which lies between two roads that are frequented by an ice cream bus truck twice a day. This is my second summer out here, living in the US of A.

Childhood dreams or what? There is that melody again.

How to get more out of your wedding registry

I just came across this posting on facebook:

“So my boyfriend and I will be getting married either this year or next and we were discussing what we need to register for. We already have just about everything we need so I was thinking it might be a good idea to ask for items for our future homestead. Any suggestions?”

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