How is it possible?

The Ice Cream Truck Noise is horrible.

Ring a bell, here comes the ice cream truck.

I like to work outside in my garden, which lies between two roads that are frequented by an ice cream bus truck twice a day. This is my second summer out here, living in the US of A.

Childhood dreams or what? There is that melody again.

I could ask my wife to find out where the horrible melody originated. Do a google search and include some clever links for you. But you can do that yourself as well.

The weird #icecreamtruckmusic has a different effect on me: I do not associate it with any childhood memories. Not even with my own ones that include an ice cream truck. That is why it is always inexplicable to me, how in the world this melody ended up on the ice cream truck.


  • Terrible Speaker, a horn type, high-pitch output

  • Melody sounds like it was picked because copyrights were expired

  • Put on repeat

 I can not help but wonder about the drivers. Why do they not go crazy? If the noise is still distant it is already a trigger for me. Poor ice creamers.

Trigger trigger triggered

Lurking over my fence, I become a marketing professional and see happy children’s faces, rushing to the truck. It’s simple and it works. But I hate it anyways.

This is a reminder of how the individual cultural upbringing has a strong influence on what we consider annoying or pleasant.  Check this video -  what is he ringing? An actual bell.

Dear Ice Creamers, if you want to be extra creative in 2017, ring back to you roots.

And what is your equivalent of this terrible noise, that works so effectively? If you would like your customers to come running like little kids, maybe we should talk a little bit more.

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Tim Steckel writes about marketing, entrepreneurship and for his clients. He is the founder of Lion Tiger Jaguar LLC, as well as author and host of Chicken Management.

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