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Layout & Template Configuration

Developing a website is a visual process and it is easier to talk about facts rather than visions. 

To create beautiful websites, that are easy to use and functional, we utilize so called “templates” or “themes" because a content management system can change its look very easily.

These are pre-defined designs that layout a basic structure, positions within your website and display design elements, plugins and dynamic modules.

They set the mood and give us something concrete to work on. It is possible to create a new template from scratch, however, the most efficient way to settle on the look and feel of your website is to customize an existing template and modifying it or to work with a graphics designer.

Lion Tiger Jaguar does custom template modifications for Wordpress and Joomla.

"Websites are digital real estate and on track to be worth more than brick and mortar." Tim Steckel, CEO

Content Management System

Keeping your website up to date and adding fresh and new content on a regular basis is very important. Just like a tree puts on new branches every year, you should be growing your website as well.

In order to allow you, your content manager or marketing department a very easy way to add new content, I am working with so called content management systems.

My preferred cms is Joomla, but of course I also work with Wordpress. Each one has pro and cons that make them unique website tools.

Once your website is configured, adding a new article is as easy as composing an email in your gmail account or posting to your facebook wall.

With proper integrations, these updates can automatically post themselves to your social media channels such as twitter, facebook or Linkedin.

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Plugins and Features

Open source content management systems like Joomla and Wordpress come with basic functions and can be extended easily by adding so called “plugins” or “extensions.” Some of them are paid features. This is because they have been programmed by independent developers.

Lion Tiger Jaguar has worked with many different extensions in order to increase the user experience or digitize some of your processes.

Examples of which include:

  • Captcha Spam Protection
  • Form Builders
  • Review and Rating Portals
  • Social Sharing
  • Newsletter Sign-Up
  • Embedding Social Media Channels
  • Forum
  • E-Commerce
  • Galeries
  • Support Ticket System
  • Service Chat
  • Dynamic Content Features

On-Page Optimization

Your homepage is the base for all search engine marketing efforts, let’s make sure it covers all aspects of your business. On-page optimization prepares content in a way that makes it easier for search engines to understand what your website is all about. It demands from you to know and use your main keywords as well as long tail keywords. To boost your local search ranking, we are also making sure to include your service area and other regional factors while optimizing your content.

Website Maintenance

Many small businesses still plan websites without a strategy to keep up with fresh content. I understand how maintaining a website seems like a lot of work with little results for business owners. But even if you decide to not post a lot of updates on your website, you still have to make sure it is properly updated. Joomla and Wordpress both require updating on a regular basis to keep them secure and to add new features.

It is imperative to use security updates because they usually fix “exploits” - which are unwanted back doors into the system. Once an exploit becomes known, you can count on hackers to act on it. Lion Tiger Jaguar recommends all clients to make use of siteground’s special 24/7 hacking monitoring and protection. If you are running either Wordpress or Joomla, a dead giveaway that your website is being used by hackers are (admin) users in your system, which you have not created.

Just browse through your website’s backend and check the user section. If you haven’t updated your Wordpress in a while, there is a good chance that your website is already being compromised. Hackers usually don’t take down your website, because they are interested in staying undetected. They will mostly use your website to either send out spam emails or place backlinks on your website. Both can lead to a down-ranking of your website.

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