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Our approach To Newsletters

Newsletters are a continuous effort and their success should be measured with short term goals as well as
long term goals. While many measurements are very precise, others are soft targets but still worth achieving. Each newsletter is as unique as your business. That is why we are going to choose a number of reasonable targets for our newsletter campaigns.

These targets will give you the means to measure and evaluate success.

Increase foot traffic in your local store, by nudging your customers to come back. Track the flow by using codewords, coupon codes or other identifiers. Promote an event in your store or social media. Your customers are multipliers for your message, increasing your organic reach in social media. Kick-off your seasonal sale by reminding your loyal customers.

Send out your coupon codes digitally. Save paper and reach relevant customers directly. Capture feedback from your clients and customers with surveys. Use insights to optimize your products and services.

List Size: An essential indicator of your reach.
Open Rate. Measures how engaged your customers are and indicates whether your audience is interested in your subjects or not.

Click Rate: Measures how many readers open a specific link after you encourage them to.

Conversation Rate: Measures how many readers take a specific action, like placing an order or making a reservation.

New Subscriptions: Measurement for the growth of your list. Once you have established reliable rates, this gives you an outlook on potential extra profits by increasing your audience.

Canceled Subscriptions: Measurement for the relevance and overall success of your newsletters.

And always remember: You can’t put an exact price tag on great customer relations or measure the love of your clients in dollars, yet!

Our Ingredients

The success of your newsletter has many variables. Some are random but most can be clearly identified. Lion
Tiger Jaguar’s process is focused on a great story. Every newsletter should have one as a backbone in order to
make the reader really want to finish your email. Our newsletters are personal and each reader should feel as
though the author is only talking to you. More ingredients:

  • Be relevant and inspire
  • Give incentives and profit from them
  • A portion of anti-boredom
  • Call to action
  • Show a clear path
  • Follow-up and continue
  • Create curiosity in your readers


Lion Tiger Jaguar’s newsletter process is optimized for your convenience and easy collaboration. A copywriter can only thrive with that extra little information, the behind-the-scenes view that everybody likes to get. We will become familiar with your company as well as your products and services.
The initial get-to-know-you is important and the base for outlining upcoming newsletters. Maybe there is room for a repetitive scheme or the need of a build-up before making a big announcement. To increase the impact of your newsletter, it is advantageous to plan ahead of time.

You know your company best from the inside and are always welcome to give input. However, sometimes you are not in the mood and or just don’t know what to say. 

That is when we tap into our full potential and create a story for you, run it by you and detail it to perfection.

Each newsletter starts with a short briefing about the contents. Items that Lion Tiger Jaguar accepts as briefings for your newsletter:

  • Emails with notes about exciting things from the previous weeks and a mention of your product or
    service that should be highlighted
  • Calls that we use for brainstorming
  • Photos of drawings or notes
  • Articles from other websites with similar content
  • Videos
  • Newspaper

We close the briefing with the determination of a topic and a set date and time for publication.


 ewsletters start with a software for managing subscribers and sending bulk newsletters to your recipients. There are many different versions available and we will use the solution that fits your business.

Lion Tiger Jaguar’s preferred software is mailchimp, which is free to start with for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Alternatively, we are also working with constant contact and sendlane.
If you would like to integrate your newsletter with a CRM, our recommendation is hubspot. Newsletter marketing is centered around your list of subscribers. Kick-starting a newsletter means to accumulate subscribers.

Do you have an existing client list that we could import?
Sending newsletters is subject to regulations that are set in place to prevent spam. You are required to get permission from your subscribers. That is why every email software is required to track your list imports for forbidden actions. 

To put it in layman’s terms: If you upload a list of contacts and a majority unsubscribes from your list after your first email – the software will most likely flag your contacts and pause your account for suspected spamming.

However, if you have acquired your addresses while conducting business, it is most likely that these people will not be bothered by your email and you will have a solid base to start with. Generally, it is ideal to have your customers subscribe themselves, because this increases the acceptance level.

To continuously capture new addresses in your list, you should actively request them and offer easy ways to subscribe. Include a link to your sign-up form on all of your bills and invoices. Embed the sign-up form on to your homepage and link it in your email signature. Offer an iPad (or other tablet) terminal for people waiting in your brick and mortar location to quickly sign up.

Newsletter automation

Newsletters are timed emails that deliver relevant content at the right time. With email automation you can set up evergreen email(s) and welcome messages. You can use a sequence of timed emails to remind your audience and explain a product or give tips on the usage.

Action-based auto responders can be linked to certain actions and are utilized to up-sell a service or products after your customer made a purchase.

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