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Workshops bring your strengths and weaknesses to light. Each website and social media strategy lives primarily on ideas and content.

That is why it makes sense to hold a workshop at the beginning of your project. It helps identify characteristics of your industry as well as your company, which allows us to consider them further down the road. The involvement of your employees is also an important factor, because I consider them digital brand ambassadors of your company in a world full of social media. 

The workshop’s results are realistic targets, which can be achieved within a certain time frame. Lion Tiger Jaguar hosts workshops to:


  • Use the knowledge of your employees.

  • Create acceptance through involvement

  • Identify crucial processes and resources

  • Benefit from the creative potential of a group


Enable your employees to better take care of your online marketing.

Modern websites can be maintained by your employees. After the relaunch of your new website, your responsible staff members will be trained to update content. Now you can keep your website up to date easily.

Cloud technology shifts computer based software into the internet. A location-independent access makes team work easy and effective. Some mobile applications can even replace software on your computer.

We currently offer training for: Content Management Systems, Facebook, google drive, twitter, wordpress, joomla, dropbox, soundcloud and multiple CRM solutions.


  • Training can be on site
  • Remote training via screen-sharing meeting with skype, zoom or teamviewer


Many new websites are launched daily, offering new services which makes it complicated and confusing to decide whether to follow or not. Not every new trend stays alive for a substantial amount of time. We check them for relevance in order to put your resources to work in an effective manner.

Get a solid base for your decision making by attending a short speech which should answer your particular questions about social media services.

Our lectures are dynamic and we do not use powerpoint, because we want to get the participants up to date immediately without boring them. Lion Tiger Jaguar is here to:


  • Answer your questions
  • Communicate complicated information comprehensibly

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