Outdated websites are not secure.

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Does your wordpress use a lot of plugins?

If you are not updating your website, you are leaving it vulnerable to hackers and spammers. Do not risk your reputation by allowing them to use your domain to send out junk mail or link to pornography or other material that does not represent your company.

They make your wordpress pretty, but can also be a headache. Each one can break your website if the updated software versions are colliding. Many graphic designers tell clients not to update their wordpress in order “not to break anything.” However, if you remain passive, hackers might do the work for you and break something, using a known exploit.

Can you update a live joomla! website?

Yes, but we call it cowboy coding – a big “no no” if you are having traffic on your website. With basic hosting packages you can’t enjoy the comfort of a one-click staging environment (which we personally recommend for all companies that are serious about their website).

This handy tool is an application that automates many steps that otherwise have to be done manually: your files will have to be copied, and a second database has to be loaded with the original database file.

Now you can also consider a subdomain for your staging platform, but it does also work in a subfolder on your ftp. Once you are working in a copy of your actual website, the fun begins.

Since each wordpress and joomla is unique in its configuration, you can potentially be lucky and all updates pass through without complications. However, the more different plugins or extensions the website is using, the more room for error.

Lion Tiger Jaguar updates joomla and wordpress websites in Cleveland, OH

WordPress updates the source code roughly every four months. To track which version is the most current, you can check previous wordpress versions . The Joomla community also releases updates on a frequent basis. List of all joomla versions.

To find out which version your cms is currently running, you have to login and it will be displayed in the dashboard. If you are behind, you are usually being alerted of the fact.

If you are multiple versions behind, your system usually has to be updated in steps to intermediate versions rather than in one turn.

Do you have premium plugins or extensions? Make sure to renew your license keys for your template and themes as well as your ecommerce platform, to receive update notifications.

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