Once upon a time, when connecting to the Internet still required a squeaking dial-up modem and people read the news once a day in the paper, patience was already a virtue.

Now, your “news”-feed is flooded with more content every day. “Breaking News” happens every hour and our emotions are played like a fiddle by a plethora of triggers. It didn’t take long for scientists to be able to record the dopamine release, a drug-like effect for each like that we receive.

The Internet Giants Google, Facebook and Amazon cast their shadows onto small businesses. Click-Bait, Fake-News and free pdf-reports lure in users like you and me during our most vulnerable moments.

Online marketing has a bad reputation and the hardened scar tissue on our click-finger has built resistance, which makes it more and more difficult to reach your potential customers each day that passes. This is what the Jedi call “the dark side of the force.” Overcome we must. A plan we need. If you ask either one of the Internet Giants, your answer is: Paid Advertising. (And do not forget to OPTIMIZE)!

Without visibility you no longer exist and to be visible you have to pay.

We all want to exist and throw our coins into the advertising slot-machines, increasing the competition for visibility and accelerating the pace of each news-feed. Call any of the customer support lines of Google adwords, yelp or facebook (oh, wait there is no customer service with facebook, they still ignore their clients’ needs, at least they aren’t even pretending they do) and you will quickly be onboarded with the highest promises. (But don’t forget to OPTIMIZE)! I predict this pot will soon boil over but I am not a clairvoyant psychic. Just like my reality is a different one than my parents, our children will know how this plays out.

But there is hope! Don’t settle for the fast solution.

All this agitation has companies by the neck and deciders want fast results. From the outside, this race looks like a sprint. But believe me when I tell you that it is still a marathon. Fast results come fast and that’s also how they go. However, persistence, quality services and products are still a thing in 2018. It might seem counterintuitive at first, but the faster the machine is spinning, the more it pans out to take your time, step back and plan ahead. That being said, I deliver quickly. This is what my on-demand services are for. But I aim higher, to become a counterpart. Once you get to know me and click with my vibe, have felt my determination, we may become stakeholders.

Lion Tiger Jaguar LLC