Secure your password

1/2 hour password security staff training


Bad password habits

Car key. house key.

digital life key.

Secure your password is a 30 minute boot camp with your employees.

Educating your staff about strong passwords is the cheapest and yet most effective measure you can take to protect your data. 

We are very passionate about strong passwords. It’s our mission to make it a no-brainer for you, to start securing your passwords. Our workshop is fun, personal and we offer you a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. 

Remember: Data breaches can be very expensive, very quickly.

Once you take control over all your most important accounts with strong passwords you realize how many there are and why it is so important to keep track of them.

You are going to learn how to to secure your email logins, credit card logins as well as your data storage and business software apps.

The secure your password workshop includes:

  • Why are strong passwords so important for your personal life and business?
  • What is Two-Factor-Authentication?
  • How to spot common frauds, hacking, phishing and other attempts to steal your data.
  • Examples and “what if”scenarios.
  • Techniques to create and remember strong passwords with ease and convenience.
  • Password vaults and password cards.

Everything starts by securing your online accounts. We tend to forget how many logins we have created over the time that we have now all spent online.

For many it’s nearing twenty years, while others just get started, we all have lot’s of different email accounts, credit cards, LinkedIn, various social media and other important logins.

By the way, did you ever check if your email was in a documented data breach?

Additionally to a pep talk on your personal and business passwords, your staff members will learn about the most common hacking and other fraudulent methods, like “phishing” attempts.

The goal of the workshop: Educating your staff to create and use strong passwords with two-factor authentification for business and personal accounts.

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Why take this workshop?

We have put together an article about strong passwords. It’s a 20 minute read with in-depth details on how to create and use them with ease. This article is for you, if you are hesitant or don’t know why securing your password makes all the difference.

Our case for strong passwords.

After reading our statement you would probably be able to instantly use safer passwords. It’s not complicated or requires a lot of technical expertise.

(Well set-up can get frustrating, but once you are through that it’s usually very comfortable.)

It’s mostly a matter of actually committing to doing it across all your accounts and getting started. Just read the statement and do it. We are actively encouraging anybody to take care of their passwords and felt there is real need for this kind of service. We are super passionate about strong passwords.

Our workshops helps to prevent fraud, loss and money down the drain.

We are taking action and the first steps to securing your passwords. Because digital life is connected we touch business and personal level.

Our workshop offers solutions and protocols to secure various accounts across your departments in an efficient way.

We have launched a platform to raise awareness and spread the word about strong passwords.

Let’s secure your passwords. Any more questions?
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