New online services appear like mushrooms after the September rain. And they both pose the same questions: which ones should I pick? To give you something to think about, check out my list of the three most useful website tools that I have used in 2016. With each one of these tools, you can make your website a lot more powerful, just by plugging it in.

The implementation for any of these tools is pretty straight forward. However, you need access to your website. With most content management systems like wordpress, joomla or self-service websites such as wix, you just have to find the right place to save a piece of code.

This free chat application enables your visitors to chat with you on your iphone, computer or other mobile device. After a QUICK sign-up you are ready to copy a piece of source code, that has to be implemented into your website before the closing tag. You should be set-up in about 15 minutes.

The back end allows you to set up multiple chat agents and assign certain websites to a specific chat agent. Use pre-set triggers to engage a User within certain piece of content / url. And once the chat is ongoing, you can transfer files. A very useful tool for any freelancer or small business.

Chat agents can also monitor your website and actively try to initiate a chat with a guest. Did you ever have a feeling that people visit your website but never get in contact? Well, you have nothing to lose by trying out!

If you care about the user experience that your website offers, you basically have to try out This service offers multiple paid options, but with the free version you will receive at least 4 actual screen recordings of your visitors per day.

The recordings show how guests interact with your website, where they point the mouse and how they scroll through your copy. If you are running any store or page that has a checkout option – this tool will give you the best perspective ever: see your website through the eyes of an actual customer.

You will be able to analyze whether people actually take the time to read through your website or if they only fly over the text. Any business owner that likes to test and improve – this is your tool. Smile you are being recorded.

Worship your own email list. Any social media platform can change the rules at any day. You don’t own the followers on any of these platforms. Social media platforms usually offer a free service and generate money with advertisings. That is why facebook cuts your organic reach, to have you pay for boosting.

By collecting your clients’, friends’, or followers’ email with mailchimp, you will always have the power to reach all of them when you need to. Also, if you send out useful stuff, people will stay on it and you can even grow it from there.


Let me know how these tools work for you, subscribe to my list if you would like to keep in touch with me.

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