If you use too many different online-based services at once you might be overpaying because you are using redundant services. I just came across a company that uses two different CRM /Marketing Platforms. This was because the boss “was used” to the older platform and did not like to switch, although his employees are already using the new platform.

Also are you still using manual interfaces that could be automated? Why do you pay a worker for a task that he could easily make typing errors when an algorithm could do all this for you at 0 cost? I have seen employees transfer data manually (by reading it from one place and typing it into another place) in 2016. What went wrong?


Linked efforts rank better

Never forget your OWNED SPACE, which is your website. Any online effort needs to be reviewed to find possibilities, to link it search engine readable, to your website.

Be ahead of the competition

Online is still a relatively new field. Although all companies are online today they are still in a pioneering phase. (Ok, you could argue that, but let’s not focus on semantics. What I am saying is, that the baby is taking its first steps, but still falls down, from time to time.) Five or ten years from now we will all look back and have warm laughter about how we were handling things. And in 20 years the same will happen, again.

Find even more possibilities while you do

Once you get committed to integrating all online activities you and your team will become aware of how things work and you will come up with even more and better ideas for your integrated online activities. Guaranteed!

It makes sense

When you try to tape together a car together people would immediately say: That is not right, it’s not put together right, how are we supposed to drive this? It’s obvious that it doesn’t make sense. Once you start integrating you will realise, that it just makes sense.

To find out how to integrate your online activities please read this article about the Online Integration Officer.

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