Conflict between “mix and match products” and “min max quantities

Today, I discovered a conflicting setting that occurred in a wordpress 4.8.3 based woocommerce store. I am reporting this issue in case you run into the same problem.

The online store in question can only ship products in groups of four. To enable this feature, for individual products on their own product page, the woocommerce extension “min/max quantities” was used. However, the store also uses the “mix and match” extension to create product bundles.

When combining them these two extensions you will run into a problem. The quantity rules are currently also applied to the bundled product. Because of this, your bundled product will prompt an error at checkout:

  • The minimum allowed quantity for “Your Product Name” is 4 – please increase the quantity in your cart.
  • “Your Product Name” must be bought in groups of 4. Please add or decrease another 3 to continue.

Now, I also want to note that the developer of the “mix and match” products extension has handled this issue very well. It’s also worth considering that we are talking about a premium woocommerce extension. I, personally, feel that if your URL states that you are awesome – you have raised the bar pretty high to begin with. But Awesome Kathy got back in time and checked out the issue and will now be in touch with the other developer to come up with a way to use both extensions at the same time.

Until then, I have found a temporary work around: you can duplicate your products and assign the copies to a dedicated combo category.

For the duplicated products you unassign the minimum quantity. For your “mix and match” product you update the assigned products to the newly created products.

Until the next update ..

Lion Tiger Jaguar LLC