Once upon a time, when connecting to the Internet still required a squeaking dial-up modem and people read the news once a day in the paper, patience was already a virtue.

Now, your “news”-feed is flooded with more content every day. “Breaking News” happens every hour and our emotions are played like a fiddle by a plethora of triggers. It didn’t take long for scientists to be able to record the dopamine release, a drug-like effect for each like that we receive.

Last year’s website give-a-way is over and I would like to thank all participants.

The winner is a local Cleveland organization with a great mission: Giving access to books and fostering early reading experiences.

I use the holidays to reflect on the past year, to give back and to do good.

This season, I am donating an entire website project to a local Cleveland charitable organization.

Top Three Reasons Why I Include Local Keywords in my Website

  1. More and more users include local terms in their search queries
  2. Search engines use your location to determine the relevance of search results
  3. By narrowing down your competition to a smaller area, you increase your chances of ranking well

New online services appear like mushrooms after the September rain. And they both pose the same questions: which ones should I pick? To give you something to think about, check out my list of the three most useful website tools that I have used in 2016. With each one of these tools, you can make your website a lot more powerful, just by plugging it in.

The implementation for any of these tools is pretty straight forward. However, you need access to your website. With most content management systems like wordpress, joomla or self-service websites such as wix, you just have to find the right place to save a piece of code.

I have been online for a while now. More than half of my life. And I registered my first domain in 2004. I dare you to use the wayback-machine to see what it looked like.

My first provider was a friend’s uncle, who had somebody run a server for him, that powered his ecommerce business. His business did not only connect me with html, css, cms, php, osCommerce and so on – it gave me access to web servers. That does not seem to be a big deal now. But it was back than. Considering I a was a minor and could not just open an account with a hosting company. Owning webspace back then was not that common, to put it modestly.

The business that I am in is simple. Nothing special. Sometimes things don’t have to be fancy. They just need to work. The impact is low. We are not working on a trip to Mars or a self-driving car, here. My work is being done everywhere now. And I do it from anywhere. It connects businesses with customers and vice versa.

The linkedin network is a valuable platform during my day to day work. It helps me to stay connected and delivers information to me. Since I am a lifelong learner-this comes in handy and keeps me up to date with my industry.

So you want to have that 100% linkedin profile (Influencer) – but you are still at the 99% level (Superstar)? What a bummer! Well, if you have reached that level, it is pretty likely that you have published an article or two on linkedin in the past.

May I ask you why you did that?

And did you publish some substantial content or was it more like slapping together a few almost new things?

Well, no matter what you have published, you have become an author for the “Pulse” Magazine – the new Manager Magazine / forbes / you name it.

Why? Because linkedin is cutting out the “middleman” and connects authors with readers and vice versa. The former British Prime Minister is posting his “departing words” on linkedin. Ok, we do not know if he wrote the text himself. But it is made out to be directly from him. 

And did you know that Forbes, The Economist and Business Insider are publishing on linkedin channels on an hourly basis?

Everybody has read about it now: Apple’s 2011 Patent has been granted. (Wow, only took 5 years). And it is about integrating technology that allows an infrared beam to block recording cameras.

If you haven’t; here are a few articles:

While everybody talks about the occasion – concerts - that has been named in the press release, nobody has made a connection for other applications, yet.

We all know, that apple likes to deepen it’s influence in the music industry. iTunes and apple music are some building blocks of that, turning around for Taylor Swift is another one; and now a recording lock-down.


If you use too many different online-based services at once you might be overpaying because you are using redundant services. I just came across a company that uses two different CRM /Marketing Platforms. This was because the boss "was used" to the older platform and did not like to switch, although his employees are already using the new platform.

Also are you still using manual interfaces that could be automated? Why do you pay a worker for a task that he could easily make typing errors when an algorithm could do all this for you at 0 cost? I have seen employees transfer data manually (by reading it from one place and typing it into another place) in 2016. What went wrong?

The typical situation in a lot of small businesses these days looks like this:

 The owner / CEO is in his fifties and has had great success over his lifetime. He is still keeping up with modern technologies that have come indispensable for daily office work in 2016. But the lines are blurry since technology can not be left at work anymore. Your phone is a permanent online connection. To be honest, without his staff he will have to – ultimately loose track of what’s going on.

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